Top ten tips on how to choose a birthday cake for a teenager?

What on earth do you order? Your teenager has asked for a special birthday cake to mark that momentous occasion. You decide you will splash out as it’s a special birthday and it will be a great surprise……..BUT how do you guarantee you will not get the usual teen grunt of disappointment when you present the masterpiece to them?

Never fear, this is where I bounce in. I can help you. I live with 3 teenagers, here in Sheffield and I’ve studied them and their friends for years. I am just beginning to scratch the surface, I think I know what makes them tick! I certainly understand what they want from a birthday cake, I’ve made plenty so know what does and what doesn’t please.

So here I will share my top tips for a harmonious birthday and a successful birthday cake that will certainly be money well spent.

Tip 1. Obvious I know but it has to taste great. What is their favourite flavour? No matter how obscure make sure you order something that they love to eat. This cake is for them not you! If they love peanut butter and banana (or an Elvis as I love to call it) so be it. If their favourite flavours are caramel and marshmallow (sooooo much sugar) then let it go, it’s their special day let them choose whatever they desire. Your cake designer should be able to rustle up a cake in any funky flavour your teen fancies.

Tip 2. Don’t be embarrassing! However cutesie you think it might be do NOT ever put their photograph on a cake. If you do you are doomed. Don’t waste your money. In our Snapchat, Instagram, social media world they search for the perfect photo and bin most of the pictures they take. You will never be able to choose one of them that they are happy with and who wants to see their face on a cake anyway?!

Tip 3. Do try to make it cool. A really cool theme is music. What is their favourite album, ask your cake designer to recreate the album cover or use the band’s name as a theme. All teenagers have a favourite band, singer, musician they love. This theme is always a winner.

Tip 4. If they are a sports supporter then how about their favourite team? A sporting themed birthday cake is always a winner. The cake can be a subtle hint to the team for example just using the team colours or it could be a full on shirt and all the paraphernalia that goes with it.

It is a special birthday cake after all!

Tip 5. Using their hobby as a cake theme is a great idea. Is your teen an amazing dancer or gymnast? Do they excel at art? Are they an amazing musician? A national squad swimmer? A county cricketer? A squash demon? The chances are if they are any of the above they will spend a huge amount of their spare time perfecting their craft. Order them a cake based on their hobby, I promise it will bring a birthday smile.

Tip 6. Geek chic. Geeky is the new cool. Is your teen a Harry Potter fan, do they love Dr Who, Star Wars, Stranger Things. Are they head over heels with a box set on Netflix? Indulge them. Use that theme (and lets face it isn’t everyone is a secret Harry Potter fan)

Tip 7. Use their favourite food or drink as inspiration. Which teenager wouldn’t appreciate a fast food burger cake or can of their favourite fizz. If it’s an 18th how about a bottle of champagne?

Tip 8. Chocolate! In fact chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. If you can’t think of a quirky theme then just order a chocolate laden cake and you’re onto a winner for sure. Whether it’s a chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache and chocolate shards, or a minimalist cake with colourful chocolate brush strokes or a mirror glaze chocolate cake your teen will love it. Guaranteed!

Tip 9. Shoes, trainers, handbags, rucksacks and make up in their favourite brand or a brand they aspire to wear. A cool trainer cake will not only look fab but it will smell fresh and taste delicious.

Tip 10. Stay classy. Go for a sophisticated cake. A chic marble or concrete cake looks cool and stylish, they work for girls and boys too. If you want some fun then have a surprise rainbow cake inside! Go floral, or go for a wafer paper collage cake but keep it grown up and unique. These gorgeous people are almost fully grown adults so give them a classy cake to remember.

So there you have it, my top ten tips for your perfect teenage birthday cake. If that doesn’t crack a smile on their super cool faces then I don’t know what will. Happy planning and if you are looking for more birthday cake inspiration or any celebration cake or wedding cake inspiration send me an email, I’d love to chat cake with you.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love

Lisa x

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