How Do I Store A Birthday Cake Or A Wedding Cake?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions.

When you order a cake from Vanilla Moon Bespoke Cakes or our sister company Urban Cakehouse you are given an instruction sheet for your specific type of cake including allergens and storage of the cake.

Fondant Covered Birthday Cakes / Wedding Cakes / Celebration Cakes

As a rule of thumb I would never recommend storing a fondant covered birthday cake or wedding cake in a fridge. The fondant can sweat, the colours can run or bleed into each other and everything can become sticky and gooey. Yuk!

If your fondant cake has been delivered prior to the birthday or the wedding then it will happily sit for 2-3 days in a cool or room temperature place until it is time for the great unveil. Keep it safely covered in the box it has been delivered in from your cake designer and it should be fine.

The wedding cake or birthday cake will have a covering of buttercream or ganache in between the cake and the fondant. This will seal the cake and keep moisture in preventing the cake from drying out. Although Vanilla Moon Cakes and Urban Cakehouse always advise eating your cake as fresh as possible, as unlike shop bought cakes our cakes do not contain preservatives, they should still be good for several days.

If you have ordered a fondant novelty birthday cake or a beautiful cascade of flowers on a wedding cake and you would like to keep the models or decorations as a keepsake then we would recommend storing these in a cardboard box. If you keep them in a Tupperware type storage then the fondant will become soft and may lose it’s shape, particularly if you have something like a delicate flower to store.

Wafer Paper Birthday Cakes / Wedding Cakes / Celebration Cakes

If the birthday cake or wedding cake has wafer paper decorations then the same applies. Keep the cake in the confectioners box it was delivered or collected in and do not store in a fridge. Keep it at room temperature. The most important thing with storage of a wafer paper wedding cake or birthday cake is to keep it dry. Wafer paper HATES water! It will disintegrate as soon as water touches it. If it is splashed any edible food colouring that is decorating the paper will run! I once delivered a wafer paper wedding cake in a torrential rain storm and I was terrified to open the box in the venue just in case any of the rain had sneaked into the cake box! Fortunately all was well.

Buttercream Covered Birthday Cakes / Wedding Cakes / Celebration Cakes

Now with a buttercream cake remember the fridge is your friend, especially in the summer! If there are no other decorations on the cake a cake fully covered in buttercream will be very happy in a fridge. Just remember to remove it about 2 hours before serving as the cake will taste so much better served at room temperature. If there are any other decorations on the birthday cake or wedding cake you may wish to take them off if you think they will spoil in the fridge (thinking fondant models/ flowers) and replace once the cake is ready to be served.

Chocolate Ganache Covered Birthday Cake / Wedding Cake / Celebration Cake

Once again with a chocolate covered birthday or wedding cake the fridge can be your friend, especially in a warm climate. If the cake also has tempered chocolate decorations such as chocolate shards then these may fair better if kept in a fridge in warm weather. Tempered chocolate will remain stable at room temperature but I’m sure you’ve all watched in horror on “chocolate week” on prgrammes like The Great British Bake Off when chocolate structures collapse and go horribly wrong! Always follow the advice of your cake designer and all should be fine and dandy.

Once you have enjoyed your birthday, wedding or other celebration, if there is any cake left over then wrap tightly in cling film and store in a Tupperware type container to keep fresh. If you have bought your birthday cake or wedding cake from a cake designer who always bakes fresh bake to order cake like we do a Vanilla Moon Cakes and at Urban Cakehouse then you should be able to freeze your cake. You can either freeze it in portions or as a whole cake. A sponge cake can be kept between 1 to 3 months in a freezer and a fruit cake up to 12 months.

I really hope this has been helpful and will help you to answer the fridge or no fridge dilemma.

Please leave a comment below if you have any other cake making queries. I’d love to help.

Best wishes

Lisa x

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