Propose with a cake and surely the answer will be “yes”

Christmas, New Year all the way up to Valentines Day and often beyond (especially in a leap year) is fondly know as “Proposal Season”. It seems to be the most popular time of the year to pop the big question. Proposals are becoming more planned and orchestrated than ever before with photographers offering proposal shoots and proposals happening in more wild and wonderful places.

If you are contemplating popping the question this year how are you going to do it?

My favourite way would obviously be with a cake! You only have to browse Pinterest and Instagram to see that Proposal Cakes have become a big thing. I have yet to make a proposal cake, I’m now a dab hand at a wedding cake or an engagement cake and we all know how many birthday cakes the Vanilla Moon kitchen pops out but I’d love the excitement and anticipation that goes with the concept of the proposal cake. Will the recipient say “yes” will they live happily ever after……….. you get the message. I love nothing better than a good old love story, a happy couple and of course a gorgeous wedding.

All of the following cakes are not mine and I cannot find the original credits for each and every cake but these are some proposal cakes that have hopefully won over the lucky person and got the desired answer.

So what’s it to be? Will you go down the traditional route or will you propose with something delicious to enjoy together on your engagement night?

Happy Proposing you lovely lot.

Lisa x

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