Top ten tips on how to choose a birthday cake for a teenager?

What on earth do you order? Your teenager has asked for a special birthday cake to mark that momentous occasion. You decide you will splash out as it’s a special birthday and it will be a great surprise……..BUT how do you guarantee you will not get the usual teen grunt

What is a Burns Supper?

“What on earth is a Burns Supper?” I hear you ask! Well for those of you unfamiliar with this great Scottish tradition I’ll hopefully fill in the knowledge gaps. I have the privilege of having many Scottish friends (one friend, Seonaid, even shares Mr Burns birthday I might add) and

Propose with a cake and surely the answer will be “yes”

Christmas, New Year all the way up to Valentines Day and often beyond (especially in a leap year) is fondly know as “Proposal Season”. It seems to be the most popular time of the year to pop the big question. Proposals are becoming more planned and orchestrated than ever before

Dry January – No Thanks, Never, Never, Never!

I love January. I love the wintery weather, walking my dog in the crisp morning frost, rosy cheeks, warm fires, cosy pubs and comfort food. What is not to like? Am I unusual? I know many people who hate January and that post Christmas period. They feel it’s an anti-climax

The Best Macaron Recipe

What is a macaron anyway? A macaron is a delicious sweet shell “sandwich” filled with chocolate ganache. It can be flavoured with vanilla, chocolate or any other flavour that takes your fancy. Macarons can be coloured to match your colour scheme or left deliciously pale, they can be handpainted or

How Do I Store A Birthday Cake Or A Wedding Cake?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions. When you order a cake from Vanilla Moon Bespoke Cakes or our sister company Urban Cakehouse you are given an instruction sheet for your specific type of cake including allergens and storage of the cake. Fondant Covered Birthday Cakes / Wedding

How much does a birthday cake or a wedding cake cost?

How Much?!! “But it’s only a cake! I can buy one for £20 in Costalittle!” You’d be surprised at how many first time customers are shocked at the cost of a custom made wedding cake, birthday cake, hen party cake or any other celebration cake for that matter. Designing, baking